UITP Asia-Pacific Assembly 2018

By Tom Nokes / Updated: 18 Jan 2018
Thursday 29 March 2018 at 09:00
Friday 30 March 2018 at 17:00
Taipei, Taiwan
Past event
The UITP Asia-Pacific Assembly will take place in Taipei, Taiwan on 29-30 March, 2018, locally hosted by the Department of Transportation (DoT), Taipei City Government. With the theme "Rethinking Urban Mobility: The Transformation of People-Led Sharing Cities", we will discuss how different modes of transportation have been evolving through time and transforming our cities into a livable, shared and smart community. Taipei is a modern metropolis and a thriving social and economic hub, in which you will also discover its authentic and unique culture, cuisine and hospitality. This event is exclusively for members only. For registration inquiries and interest, please contact Loris (loris.chan@uitp.org) Stay tuned for more information to be announced.