Study tour: Sustainable mobility at schools

By Simone Bosetti / Updated: 12 Feb 2016
Tuesday 15 March 2016, 09:00 to 18:00
Venice, Italy
Language: English
Past event

Within the PUMAS project, the city of Venice has developed a comprehensive strategy for making sustainable mobility an essential element of its urban and educational policy: from the guidelines for a shared sustainable school mobility plan, and the certification and labelling system of schools, to the active involvement of parents and pupils in transforming both physical places and mobility behaviours.

The members of the CIVITAS thematic group on safety and security will learn and debate from the direct experience of Venice city officials and teachers in a study visit to some schools and mobility interventions.

The study tour, which is free of charge and open to all sustainable mobility practitioners and professionals, is organised by the CIVITAS WIKI project and the municipality of Venice.

CIVITAS WIKI will co-finance travel and accommodation expenses for a limited number of participants. Priority will be given to city representatives (up to two participants per city).