SMARTA Final Conference

By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 13 Nov 2020
Thursday 10 December 2020 at 09:00
Friday 11 December 2020 at 17:00

Learn about SMARTA’s findings and final recommendations during the project’s closing event!

The SMARTA Final Conference is structured as a set of virtual events, spread over two days. The key deliverables from SMARTA will be presented through dedicated webinars addressing key stakeholders in the field of rural mobility. 

On Thursday 10 December two virtual events are foreseen. The morning session focuses on SMARTA policy recommendations. The afternoon session highlights solutions, as demonstrated by the SMARTA network of sites.

On Friday 11 December, two sessions focus on impact, evaluation and the way forward. The first session presents findings from the evaluation activities conducted within the framework of SMARTA 1 and SMARTA2, and the SMARTA in-depth Good Practice examples. The second session introduces the broader perspective of rural mobility, including future opportunities, such as community building, environment and traffic, plus a session on the implications of COVID-19 on rural mobility.

The progamme and registration details will be released shortly. For further information about the project and the final conference, please visit the SMARTA website