Segmentation in campaigning: the Utrecht case

By Sarah Martens / Updated: 27 Mar 2015
Tuesday 28 April 2015 at 11:00
all cities, Europe-wide
Language: English
Past event

The CIVITAS Thematic Group on Mobility Management kindly invites you to its webinar on segmentation techniques for campaigns.

When we want to change behaviour, targeted messages that appeal to the individual will have more effect than a one-fits-all approach.

In this webinar, the Group gives a brief overview of the benefits of and techniques for setting up targeted campaigns for specific segments of people. The city of Utrecht, the Netherlands, will present its experiences and successful campaign developed within the SEGMENT project.

SEGMENT experimented with two types of segmentation techniques:

  • Targeting consumers undergoing ‘life-change moments’ which causes them to question and reconsider their travel habits;
  • Clustering these consumers (using detailed questionnaires) into relatively homogenous groups (in terms of their attitudes towards car use, cycling, electric vehicles or wider issues such as climate change and health etc.) and then devising bespoke campaigns.

​Speaker: Mark Degenkamp (city of Utrecht)

Moderator: Sarah Martens (Mobiel 21, CIVITAS Thematic Group on Mobility Management)