ReVeAL Webinar: ReVeALing how to meet user needs and get public acceptance of UVARs

By Mariliza Merti / Updated: 21 May 2021
Tuesday 15 June 2021, 16:00 to 17:00
Online, Europe-wide
Past event

On 15 May, 2021, the ReVeAL project is organising the webinar “ReVeALing how to meet user needs and get public acceptance of UVARs”.

The ReVeAL project is looking at how cities can successfully regulate vehicle access in order to create more attractive places for people and business.

By joining the webinar, attendees will look at factors to ensure that their hypotethical UVAR solutions get the greatest public acceptance possible and meet the needs of cities' transport users, using a comparison of two Swedish cities and the example of the ReVeAL city of Bielefeld. The tale of two cities illustrates how two very similar schemes received very different levels of public support and provides lessons to avoid the same mistakes. Bielefeld is using a range of methods to involve stakeholders to ensure that they design the UVAR that their city needs, and that it will be accepted by its citizens.


  • Introduction Lucy Sadler, Sadler Consultants
  • ReVeALing how to meet user needs & get the best public acceptance Julie Schack, WSP
  • How Bielefeld was successful in involving citizen involvement in Bielefeld’s UVAR development Oliver Spree, Bielefeld
  • Tale of two schemes Gothenburg & Stockholm charging schemes; the difference communication can make Christian Nilsson, WSP

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