The RENAISSANCE of Freight Transport in Urban Areas

By News Editor / Updated: 15 Oct 2014
Thursday 03 March 2011 at 01:01
United Kingdom
Language: English
Past event
It is well known that the density of population, economic activity and traffic in urban environments causes transport-related problems such as congestion, noise and other health threats which are particularly difficult to solve.

The specificities of city freight distribution, however, also take their toll on the logistics and transport operators, who are faced with higher costs and moves to restrict their operations.

City of Bath is the host of the 4th thematic workshop that RENAISSANCE organises on 3rd of March, 2011. The workshop intends to present the progress of two innovative freight solutions for urban areas: the Freight Consolidation Centre in Bath and the Pipe§net solution in Perugia.

The workshop will investigate what are the ways taken by local authorities to integrate the freight solutions into their local transport strategy.

The awareness strategies for the stakeholders involved in Goods Transportation domain will be also analysed by the participants to the workshop.

The event is addressed to the city representatives, freight specialists, different interested stakeholders.

Colin Rees