RECIPROCITY Mobility Assembly

By Jane Tewson / Updated: 13 Jul 2023
Thursday 28 September 2023 at 09:00
Friday 29 September 2023 at 17:00
Past event

Cluster Mobility & Logistics (project coordinator of RECIPROCITY) is hosting the RECIPROCITY Mobility Assembly which will take place in Regensburg, Germany from 28-29 September 2023, 08:30-14:00 CET. This is the final event of the project, which is due to conclude in September 2023.

The Mobility Assembly is a mobility networking event and open to any interested mobility stakeholders wanting to:

  • learn about innovative mobility solutions first-hand and their implementation,
  • gain perspective from the experiences of innovative and successful projects, and
  • increase their awareness of mobility ecosystems, such as between cities, industry, mobility providers, policy makers or financial intermediaries.

The event will include presentations, networking opportunities, 1:1 meetings and site visits. The aim is to bring together different actors to foster cooperation in different areas related to sustainable urban mobility. Find out more here.