By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 03 Oct 2019
Wednesday 15 April 2020 at 09:00
Saturday 18 April 2020 at 17:00
Aachen, Germany

In 2020, the location of the REAL CORP annual conference will be Aachen, where experts will gather to discuss developments and challenges in urban planning. The audience for this conference consists of researchers from any relevant field, urban development experts from policy, administration, special interest groups, and NGOs, and actors or representatives from economy, commerce, or industry. 

Between 150 and 180 expert lectures, presentations, round table discussions, workshops and small exhibitions are offered on the conference days, accompanied by a traditional extensive social programme with informal welcome, evening reception and more. 

The topics in 2020 cover a wide spectrum and will include:

  • Rise of metopolises
  • Climate Change and Imminent Natural Disasters
  • Demographic Change
  • New Cities around the Globe
  • The Role of Urban Planning and Urban Planners in Shaping Cities of the Future

For more information, please visit their website