Public transport & COVID-19: What happened and what will happen?

By dana.agrotti / Updated: 15 Sep 2021
Friday 17 September 2021, 10:00 to 11:30
Past event

POLIS has launched a webinar series delving into the future of public transport. Across a series of exclusive events, they look towards the next generation of public transport, from automation to decarbonisation, shared mobility hubs to MaaS, infrastructure to inclusion, identifying the key challenges and laying the tracks for shared solutions. The series, called Public Transport Lab, explores how we can- and must- capitalise on COVID-19 and recent technological developments to create high-quality, affordable, resilient, and sustainable mobility services for citizens in our cities and regions. It will feature experts at the forefront of mobility planning, learning how cities, regions, operators and others are transforming public transport.

This webinar, which is the first in the series and taking place on 17 September 2021 at 10:00-11:30 CET, will look at what has happened to public transport during the COVID-crisis, what can be learnt from that experience, and how to best move forward to secure a sustainable recovery.

How are cities and public transport operators rebuilding what has always been and should remain the backbone of a sustainable urban mobility ecosystem? What possible future scenarios are we looking at and should we be working towards? How can learning from the recent past pave the way for a more resilient public transport future? And what innovations can give public transport that extra competitive edge?

These and other questions will be discussed on the basis of concrete experiences from the POLIS membership and beyond.

The agenda includes:

  • Future public transport in Norway 2025. Looking into the implications of changing travel patterns and public transport's role as engine for economic and social development, Olov Grøtting, CEO, Public Transport Norway
  • Västtrafik – Mobility for a sustainable future, Roger Vahnberg, Senior Vice President, Västtrafik AB
  • Learning from the past: Understanding ridership changes in public transport during the COVID-19 pandemic using the examples of Vienna, Innsbruck, Oslo and Agder, Ioana Sinziana Rasca, University of Agder & Karin Markvica, Austrian Institute of Technology
  • Lessons learned during the COVID-crisis and plans for a sustainable recovery, Sergio Fernández Balaguer, EMT Madrid
  • Relaunching public transport after COVID-19: impacts and actions at the EU level, Giacomo Lozzi, Senior Project Manager, POLIS

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