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Public Hearing on the White Paper on Transport

By RLeonM / Updated: 27 Feb 2015

Where do we stand?

Friday 06 March 2015, 09:00 to 13:00
Brussels, Belgium
Language: English
Past event

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) invites delegates to participate in a hearing to express views about the mid-term review of the European Commission's 2011 White Paper on Transport.

The EESC is interested in knowing about:

  • the success stories of the EU's transport policy;
  • areas that failed to achieve the desired results; and
  • White Paper actions need to be prioritised from now on.

The committee welcomes written position statements on these three questions as soon as possible. These are to be submitted using a form on the EESC website.

As three main speaking slots remain available, the intention of the EESC is to select the most relevant contributions to fill the slots. 

All written positions will be available on the EESC website before the hearing and will support the EESC in drafting its opinion, which in turn will be taken into account by the European Parliament and by the Commission for their own reports and assessments.

A draft program will soon be published on the EESC website.

Simultaneous interpretation between English, French, Italian, Swedish and Polish will be provided at the event.



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commented 4 years 6 months ago
Lets hope that the public hearing has time for some reflection to consider some of the inherent difficulties that the White Paper is causing. The emphasis of the EC Transport White Paper is currently constraining the ability to fund the implementation of sustainable transport measures that are vital to achieve policy objectives. In general there are far too many generalisations in the WP where interpretation can be ambiguous and leads to contradictory approaches. It is unclear what the priorities should be, or how to address inherent contradictions between the pursuit of both catering for travel demand whilst at the same time attempting to influence demand. Read more about how the White Paper needs to be changed to make it fit for purpose - visit here: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/ec-transport-policy-fit-purpose-dr-colin-black?trk=object-title