PRESTO 3rd on-site training

By News Editor / Updated: 15 Oct 2014
Wednesday 08 December 2010 at 01:01
Thursday 09 December 2010 at 01:01
Zagreb, Croatia
Language: English
Past event
PRESTO transfers the best European know-how and focuses on 3 thematic pillars, which play a crucial role to foster cycling: infrastructure planning; promotional soft measures and promotion of pedelecs. Participants of the third PRESTO cycling workshop in Zagreb will have the opportunity to find out best practices and exchange their opinions with top European specialists on following topics:
  • interchange bicycle stations, led by Erl Wilkie (UK)
  • safe cycling campaigns and promotion campaigns, led by Jo Cleary (UK)
  • cycling in pedestrian areas (shared spaces), led by Michal Beim (DE)
  • pedelecs promotion, led by Eddie Eccleston (BE)

The PRESTO workshop will broaden participants’ knowledge how to develop sound plans for better and safer cycling conditions, provide arguments and examples of practices changing peoples’ minds towards a real “cycling culture” and demonstrate latest developments which enable and encourage cycling among target groups, which usually would not cycle.

Who should attend the training?
Top-level local politicians and decision makers; City and transport planners; Police representatives; Media representatives; Target audience (university students); Bicycle dealers; Local authorities; NGO’s and others.

Agenda and registration form
Participation in this PRESTO training workshop is free of charge. Deadline for registration is 26th November 2010. The detailed agenda as well as full practical details are available on PRESTO website at

PRESTO is supported by Intelligent Energy - Europe