polisMOBILITY Conference 2022

By Jane Tewson / Updated: 13 Apr 2022
Wednesday 18 May 2022 at 10:00
Saturday 21 May 2022 at 17:30
Cologne, Germany
Past event

The polisMOBILITY – Moving Cities Conference 2022 will take place from 18-21 May at 10:00-17:30 CET in Cologne, Germany.

Participants will interact, network and discuss the challenges of the mobility turnaround, using international pilot projects and case studies, with the aim to develop cooperative solutions.  

Some of the key questions that will be explored through thought-provoking presentations and discussion forums in an open conference format, visionSTAGE (which is all about ground breaking technology and strategies for a new understanding of urban mobility) include: 

  • What will the future of our personal mobility look like?
  • How can autonomous driving and alternative propulsion systems become commonplace in the near future?
  • In what ways is current public transport shaping the future of public transport? 
  • What role do municipalities play as enablers of future mobility?
  • How can we appropriately design urban traffic space?
  • Where can private and municipal actors work together effectively? 

The open discussion format in a semi-circular forum gives up to 80 interested participants the opportunity to purposefully discuss technology, infrastructure, and municipal challenges – on the stage, next to it, or backstage. The majority of the content will be available afterwards “on demand” in our media library.

Those who cannot experience the visionSTAGE onsite can follow the programme via a live stream, which will include bilingual simultaneous translation into both English and German. The majority of the content will also be available afterwards.

For more information and to register, see here.