mobil.TUM 2014 Conference

By News Editor / Updated: 15 Oct 2014
Monday 19 May 2014 at 03:01
Tuesday 20 May 2014 at 03:01
Munich, Germany
Language: English
Past event
All over the world, metropolitan regions and their transport systems are facing numerous challenges of sustainable development and are dealing with the economic, social and environmental impacts of mobility and transport.

Decision makers in metropolitan regions need more information about the benefits and costs of sustainable mobility strategies as well as suitable assessment tools and governance instruments for their successful implementation.

The annual mobil.TUM conference serves as an opportunity for international and interdisciplinary dialogue on the current challenges and achievements in the field of mobility and transport. It aims to draw connections between the latest research results and best practice experiences.

The mobil.TUM 2014 conference especially welcomes contributions reporting on the impacts of sustainable mobility strategies in metropolitan regions as well as the instruments and tools necessary for their implementation.