Managing New Mobility: How to Regulate E-Scooters

By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 10 Mar 2020
Wednesday 11 March 2020, 10:00 to 11:30
Past event

GECKO supports authorities with tools and recommendations for new regulatory frameworks to lead the transition to the new mobility era of cooperative, inclusive, competitive, sustainable and interconnected mobility across all modes, through evidence-based research. GECKO provides a holistic approach with innovative concepts, methodologies and forward-looking tools to enable this transition to take place, leading to new, adaptive and anticipatory regulatory schemes and balanced governance.

GECKO will host a webinar on March 11 on regulations of e-scooters. The webinar will provide an overview of e-scooters in jurisdictions across Europe and beyond. An e-scooter operator (Circ) and a local authority that has recently introduced e-scooters (Bremen, Germany) will share their perspectives on the regulations and present their priorities in navigating this emerging trend. 

Please follow this link for registration.