LOW-CARB Online Exploitation Workshop

By s.govender@rupp... / Updated: 10 Jun 2020
Thursday 25 June 2020, 09:00 to 13:00
Language: English
Past event

This workshop follows LOW-CARB's final conference where project goals, outputs, impacts, & lessons will be presented.

The exploitation workshop will build on this by mobilising, networking, & matchmaking stakeholders. In the first part of the workshop participants are given the opportunity to engage with select project pilots, products, & longer-term implementations, as well as their organisers, to help further their take-up & larger-scale adoption and deployment across Central Europe, thus facilitating a cohesive transition to low-carbon mobility. They include:

  • A master concept for PT development in the Leipzig North Area.
  • Selected measures from the Brno SUMP Action Plan. 
  • Integration of a new battery-electric line with the trolleybus electric fleet in Parma. 
  • Finding ways to make a Skáwina hybrid bus line permanent. 
  • (Cargo) Bike-Sharing in Kraków. 
  • A smart bus station in Koprivnica. 
  • Selected measures for company-based mobility management in Szeged.
  • Achieving sustainability for the Central European SUMP Competence Centre. 
  • Optimising the usage of the SUMP Self-Assessment Tool for Central Europe.

The second part of the workshop (11:15 - 13:00) continues with 5 break-out sessions in which participants have a chance to share their ideas. These sessions will together contribute toward the development of an overall exploitation strategy for capitalising on LOW-CARB’s outputs.

Participants will hear targeted advice for European Investment Bank funding opportunities, learn about lessons of innovation procurement, & grapple with the topic of transferring good practices and experiences. All discussions will incl. brainstorming sustainable options of business models and multi-value creation possibilities for all stakeholders!

The session topics are:

  • A: Co-creating the micro-mobility hub in Leipzig Nordraum
  • B: Smart bus station in Koprivnica
  • C: How to make best use of the SUMP Self-Assessment Tool?
  • D: Future application of the Central European
  • E: How to achieve the safe last mile for school children in Skáwina?