Launch of MobiliseYourCity's Paratransit Toolkit 2021

By Jane Tewson / Updated: 22 Nov 2021
Monday 29 November 2021, 15:00 to 17:00
Past event

MobiliseYourCity is launching its Reforming Paratransit Toolkit, their newest catalogue of measures, at a publication launch on 29 November 2021 15:00-17:00 CET

The Toolkit is based on the experience of MobiliseYourCity's African Community of Practice and the expertise from their partners Agence Française de Développement and CODATU. It includes a catalogue of 50 practical measures to help local and national governments reform paratransit.

Paratransit accounts for 50-98% of passenger trips in Sub-Saharan cities. It not only represents the principal transport mode in the Global South, but benefits the poorest segments of the population by acting as an important source of employment to low-skill workers and providing affordable and accessible transport services, thus enabling their participation in economic, social and cultural life. However, paratransit today is responsible for access inequalities, precarious working conditions, safety issues, gender inequalities, environmental degradation and GHG emissions.

The first mobility plans completed by MobiliseYourCity member cities in Africa demonstrated how relevant paratransit is to ensure a net zero future in transport, a fair transition to sustainable transport and to achieve SDGs and the Paris Agreement. Paratransit integration is essential for the success of any mobility planning project in the Global South. Lack of integration can threaten the economic sustainability of large infrastructure projects or cause social unrest.

Join experts from the field, decision-makers and financing institutions at the launch on 29 November 2021 15:00-17:00 CET. The session will be in English with a French translation available. 

Speakers include:

  • Ababacar Fall, from the Executive Council of Urban Transport in Dakar
  • Reginald Springleer, from the City of Cape Town
  • Anne Chaussavoine, Transport team leader at Agence Française de Développement
  • Solène Baffi, Project manager at Codatu
  • Clément Musil, Project manager at MobiliseYourCity Asia

To register for the launch for the Toolkit, please fill out this form, after which a calendar invitation will be sent.