Kick-off Webinar of SURF e-course, to develop pathways for sustainable urban freight

By dana.agrotti / Updated: 06 Sep 2021
Wednesday 15 September 2021, 15:00 to 16:30
Past event

SURF (Sustainable URban Freight) is a collaboration between Polis Network and Environmental Defense Fund Europe. The Project will guide city planners, business leaders and other freight decision-makers to develop a vision and strategy pathway for sustainable freight, in particular developing and structuring knowledge and awareness on 'Zero Emission Zones for Freight' (ZEZ-F).

For its e-course, SURF will hold an introductory webinar on 15 September 2021 from 15:00-16:30 CET. This event will provide key information and guidance about the learning programme and the SURF project activities.

SURF e-course aims at equipping local and national policy makers, practitioners, entrepreneurs, and operators with the skills and knowledge required to develop, implement and operate ZEZ-F. The objective is to raise awareness and establish long-lasting capabilities for all key stakeholders to successfully support the transition to zero emission deliveries.

The e-course is primarily designed for city and regional authorities but aims to provide a solid knowledge basis for any stakeholder involved in urban freight operations. The course will be openly available to all the public.

The e-course is organised into three units:

  1. Why ZEZ for freight? The Context
  2. Toward a Successful ZEZ-F: Steps for Action
  3. Keys to success

For more information about the SURF Project, click here. To register for the e-course see here

For more information about the Capacity Building Programme e-course, click here.

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