IRU - EU Road Transport Conference

By News Editor / Updated: 16 Oct 2014
Wednesday 29 February 2012 at 01:01
Brussels, Belgium
Past event
This afternoon event is organised by the IRU and focuses on identifying and discussing efficient solutions for making road transport greener.

Topics include:
  • Sustainable Solutions Proposed by the European Parliament for Greening Road Transport
  • Removing Barriers and Providing Incentives to Further Green Road Transport
  • Road Freight Transport in Core and Green Networks and as a Facilitator of Intermodality
  • Efficient Future Solutions for Commercial Road Transport to Reach the Climate Action Goals
  • Technological Innovations and the Future of Alternative Fuels for Road Transport
  • The Green Political Innovation – Doubling the Use of Collective Transport

A full programme can be found here.

Registration can be found here.