INTERMODES 2013 - 5th International Congress on Passenger Transport Intermodality

By News Editor / Updated: 16 Oct 2014
Wednesday 06 February 2013 at 01:01
Brussels, Belgium
Language: English
Past event
INTERMODES is the 1st European Event entirely devoted to intermodal passenger transport.
This B2B event will host for its 5th edition over 300 delegates from the passenger transport sector in Europe: elected officials responsible for transport, technicians, representatives of users, researchers, transport authorities, public and private transport operators, the industry and services from the passenger transport sector.
INTERMODES takes into account all modes of transport and addresses intermodality at the local, regional, national and international levels.
Practical experiences of intermodality implementation are presented and analyzed during the Convention.
On the occasion of the event a prize for the encouragement of an intermodal initiative is awarded.
INTERMODES is also animating the European Club of Intermodal Regions and Cities and organises study visits, the next one being the visit of Geneva on Nov 22nd, which has implemented the 1st intermodal mobility scheme in Europe.