By Ella Andrew / Updated: 11 Jun 2019
Tuesday 18 June 2019, 16:00 to 18:00
Groningen, Netherlands
Past event

The EU-funded INCLUSION project invites you to an interactive and lively event on Tuesday 18 June 2019 at 16:00, immediately after the closing plenary of the European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMP).

Project partners will highlight how innovative solutions in transport are being tested and validated through real-life experiments in the project's Pilot Labs in Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain and the UK. The INCLUSION Pilot Labs include urban centres, deprived neighbourhoods, remote rural and urban areas, as well as various user segments affected by some form of transport vulnerability or poverty.

The Keynote speaker Karel Martens, Professor at Israel Institute of Technology (IL) & Radboud University (NL), will answer the question: do SUMPs promote inclusion and transport justice?

The second hour of the event will include a poster session to deepen the project investigations through the Pilot labs' activities, drinks reception and a unique opportunity for networking.