Implementing Sustainable Mobility in the Mediterranean

By Nathalie Clauter / Updated: 07 Oct 2020
Wednesday 07 October 2020 at 09:00
Wednesday 25 November 2020 at 11:30
Language: English

The webinar series “Implementing Sustainable Mobility in the Mediterranean” is part of the Urban Transports Community’s efforts to facilitate local mobility stakeholders and key players joining forces to foster sustainable mobility in Southern European Cities.

Once a week, every Wednesday morning from 7 October until 25 November, the Urban Transports Community – Interreg MED Programme invite local authorities, civil society organisations, Universities, mobility planners, and private companies to set the ground for future cooperation by discussing sustainable mobility strategic issues. From November 2016, the Urban Transports Community – Interreg MED Programme initiative, has been gathering seven territorial cooperation projects co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), and almost 200 organisations that implement sustainable urban mobility solutions in twelve Euro-Mediterranean countries.

To set the scene, the webinar series-opening session is will cover the urgent issue of COVID-19’s impact on mobility ecosystems in Mediterranean urban areas. Experts, local authorities’ representatives, and mobility planners examine the main changes entailed by the pandemic, to define, with the participants’ contribution, what is most needed to make mobility ecosystems more sustainable and resilient. In the second session, the community will address the question of replicability of sustainable mobility solutions and good practices to assess the real possibility of benefiting from Cities' previous experiences. In addition, the Community present the upcoming “Sustainable Urban Transport Implementing Cities”: a peer-learning opportunity, offered by the Urban Transports Community to Mediterranean Cities, to overcome some of the obstacles to the full implementation of sustainable mobility solutions.

The successful candidates will benefit from the support of a dedicated mentor, who will facilitate the access to our Community resources, and of the hands-on experience of our Community stakeholders. Our Community most effective tools and solutions are examined in five thematic webinars in relation to some of the most strategic challenges to sustainable mobility in urban areas, such as big data and ICT for smart traffic management; soft mobility; shared mobility; mobility in tourist destinations; and different approaches in urban mobility planning. The main discussion points will be raised by a community partner organisation, while the experiences of the Urban Transports Community projects will be examined more deeply in break-out rooms by their implementers.

The webinar series will be closed with a session where participants are invited to look forward, to discuss the future, by focusing on a technology that will have the most impact on urban planning, such as electromobility.

To see the full programme and for registration details, visit the webinar series webpage