Future of Transport - how do we deal with it?

By Anna Clark / Updated: 07 May 2019
Tuesday 17 September 2019 at 09:00
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Language: English
Past event

About the course

This course will be about how to manage the introduction of transport innovations from a public authority perspective. What mechanisms exist to test innovation, how can we evaluate the benefits of something that has not been implemented yet, and what can public authorities do to support private companies in developing their innovations? This focuses very much on issues of governance and policy and understanding the role of the local authority in leading development in the right direction.

Two different occasions

The course takes part during two occasions at two different locations, one in Sweden, Lund and one in the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Eindhoven, including lectures, workshops and study visits.

NOTE! The course takes place during two sessions on 2 days. The participants should attend both sessions to get the most out of the course and the specific workshop format. However, it is possible that two persons from one organisation could go to one session each.

17 September, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
18 September, Eindhoven, The Netherlands


22 October, Lund, Sweden
23 October, Lund, Sweden

Target group

Participants are expected to be people who are involved in implementation of transport systems and in the strategic thinking around future transport systems. This includes:

-Public authority representatives (local, regional and national levels), particularly strategic planners, innovation managers, digitalization strategists, experts in innovative mobility systems etc.
-Consultants who work in transport planning and strategy and who work closely with public authorities but also for other clients. Transport consultants can build their knowledge to better provide for their clients.
-Researchers working in the fields of transport governance, transport innovation, change management.