By Benjamin Baxter / Updated: 06 May 2021
Thursday 16 September 2021 at 00:00
Wednesday 22 September 2021 at 00:00

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK is the European Commission’s flagship awareness-raising campaign on sustainable urban mobility. It promotes behavioural change in favour of active mobility, public transport, and other clean, intelligent transport solutions.

The main event takes place from 16-22 September each year, culminating in the popular Car-Free Day. Local authorities are encouraged to use the main week to try out innovative planning measures, promote new infrastructure and technologies, measure air quality, and get feedback from the public.

With more towns and cities joining every year, and with its huge media appeal, the campaign is widely recognised as a driving force towards sustainable urban mobility in Europe and beyond.


Registering an event or initiative

Towns and cities worldwide are warmly invited to participate in EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK. This year, in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, towns and cities have maximum flexibility when participating.

Local authorities can register their events and permanent infrastructure initiatives as usual  - organising activities during the week of 16-22 September, implementing or promoting new transport infrastructure, and holding a Car-Free Day - but also their online alternatives and their short-term measures to help people move around safely during the pandemic. Measures may include the temporary reallocation of road space to create pop-up bike lanes, or the introduction of speed restrictions.

For more information on registering events and initiatives, please visit the relevant page on the event website

To register an event or initiative as a local authority, please visit the registration page


Registering a Mobility Action

If you’re doing something to promote the idea of sustainable urban mobility, we want to hear about it! By registering your MOBILITYACTION on this website, you can become a part of the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK campaign. Once registered, your steps to promote sustainable urban mobility will be displayed on our list of MOBILITYACTIONS. Whether you’ve decided to cycle to work with your neighbours, or you’re an employer taking concrete action to encourage your employees to use public transport, we’re eager to help you share your success story. As the long as the action you’re doing promotes a behavioural shift towards a more sustainable urban mobility culture and is of a promotional rather than a technical nature (i.e. technical innovations themselves will not be recognised), you’re eligible.

For more information on registering a MOBILITYACTION, please visit the relevant page on the event website

To register a MOBILITYACTION, please visit the registration page