Cyber security and threat mitigation in relation to autonomous urban mobility

By renskemartijnse / Updated: 29 Aug 2019
Tuesday 03 September 2019, 09:30 to 10:30
Language: English
Past event

The H2020 FABULOS project has set up an Academy which produces a series of webinars on robot bus topics.

The aim of the project is to introduce basic concepts, specific terminology and technologies commonly encountered in the field of automated shared mobility to a target group mainly comprised of procurement authorities (PTO's, cities, regions).

The 4th webinar is on 03 September 2019 for those who want to learn more about cybersecurity and threat mitigation in the context of autonomous urban mobility. The webinar will feature a speaker from the National Cyber Security Centre in Finland. More information about the webinar can be found at:

FABULOS focuses on Pre-Commercial Procurement for fleets of autonomous shuttles in urban environments. Previous webinar topics were "Properties of electric vehicles", "Regulatory aspects of autonomous mobility" and "Technical solutions in robot shuttles". In October webinar topics will focus on "Wireless communication for autonomous vehicles" and in November "Robot bus localisation and positioning".

For further information, please visit the FABULOS website.