Conference on urban logistics

By News Editor / Updated: 15 Oct 2014
Tuesday 28 June 2011 at 01:01
Nantes, France
Language: French
Past event
With the support of the French Association for Logistics (ASLOG), Nantes-Métropole,Ouest logistique, Supply Chain Magazine and La Poste Group, the Laboratoryfor Economics and Management of the University of Nantes (Lemna) is organizing its first symposium on urban logistics. The event will provide an opportunity to reflect on the issues currently faced in urban logistics, on the stakes at play and the innovations found. The presentations will take various forms (state of the art, current research, results of empirical studies) and address a wide range of topics such as:
  • Innovation in urban delivery
  • Planning issues
  • Relations between urban development and logistics
  • Issue of internet delivery
  • Relations between all stakeholders involved in urban logistics
  • Etc.

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