Clean Air For European Cities

By Christine Klaßen / Updated: 29 Jun 2015
Monday 06 July 2015, 13:00 to 22:00
Berlin, Germany
Language: English
Past event

Air pollution has become the biggest environmental health risk with over 7 million deaths globally and 400 000 in Europe attributed to air pollution.

The external health-related costs in Europe are in the range of € 330- 940 billion per year. Despite the existing legislative framework and the citizens’ right to clean air in Europe, continuing violations of air pollution limits remain a problem and threaten health, the environment and the climate.

What measures can cities take to effectively improve their air quality? What can local and national governments do to support them? And what is happening to the proposed Clean Air legislation package on EU level right now? 

The Clean Air for European Cities conference invites delegates to discuss strategies to improve urban air quality and its future challenges. 

See below for the conference agenda.