ChallengeMyCity call for solutions

By Jane Tewson / Updated: 02 May 2023
Monday 08 May 2023 at 17:00
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ChallengeMyCity is a service for European cities to test innovative mobility solutions that target their needs and can be integrated into their long-term mobility strategy. ChallengeMyCity call for solutions for the cities of Braga, and Heraklion / Larissa is open until 8 May and 29 May 2023 respectively. Any size company can apply with a market-ready innovative solution that helps solve a city mobility-related challenge. EIT Urban Mobility together with the European Commission offers:

  • €60 000 in funding to implement a six-month pilot in the city
  • Support from EIT Urban Mobility programme officer throughout the pilot implementation.
  • Access to potential clients and city officials throughout the pilot / building success usecase story and networking
  • Promotion of the solution in the Mobility Innovation Marketplace = visibility.

Braga (Portugal): deadline is 8 May 

  • Enhancing bike safety and monitoring cyclists´ flows
  • Understanding and promoting active mobility in the city centre
  • Improving monitoring and use of on-street parking spaces
  • Encouraging alternative transportation for school commuting to decrease private car usage

Heraklion & Larissa (Greece): deadline is 29 May


  • Creating micromobility hubs through secure bicycle parking
  • Management and control of parking spaces for persons with reduced mobility (PRM) and logistics
  • Control of motorised vehicle access in the pedestrianised area of the city centre
  • Electric-powered micro-vehicle for PRM passengers’ mobility in the pedestrianised city centre


  • Creating micromobility hubs through secure bicycle parking
  • Collection of environmental and traffic data
  • Management and control of parking spaces for PRM