ASSISTANT project final event

By Samantha Jones / Updated: 01 Apr 2015
Thursday 21 May 2015 at 09:00
Lisbon, Portugal
Language: English
Past event

The ASSISTANT project is now in its final, prototype phase and its final event will be held at the ICT4AgeingWell 2015 conference in Lisbon (Portugal). 

The project is developing an application for home computers and smartphones that helps older travellers plan public transport trips and provides guidance during their journeys.

This guidance assists older travellers in finding the vehicle they need, advises on changing to other routes, alerts them when to get off a vehicle, and then assists with getting to their final destination. 

A project demonstration will take place in the European Project Space at ICT4AgeingWell 2015. Delegates will also be able to take part in an interactive tutorial on how the application works.

The demo will also take a look at 'last kilometre' navigation, realistic ways of dealing with errors, app personalisation, and designing small format interfaces for older people. 

The demo and tutorial will be relevant for anyone interested in using ASSISTANT, such as R&D staff, companies, representatives of older people and local/transport authorities.

For more information on the project, visit the ASSISTANT website or see the project flyer below.