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City logistics comprise the delivery and collection of goods in urban areas. Improving city logistics may address transportation methods, handling and storage of goods, management of inventory, waste and returns, as well as home delivery services.

Making this process sustainable requires efficient interfaces between long-haul transport and short-distance distribution to the final destination. It also requires efficient planning of the routes to avoid empty runs or unnecessary driving and parking. Furthermore, sustainable urban freight requires smaller, more efficient and cleaner vehicles.

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Sustainable City Logistics Survey Invitation


Will you be interested to see a sustainability index build for City Logistics?

My name is Sabrina Zhang, I am a doctoral researcher in Logistics at TU Dublin in Ireland.

I am conducting a short survey with key stakeholders and experts in logistics, urban development and sustainability, in order to improve the clarity of sustainability measurement for city logistics.

If you are interested to know more about this study and take part in this survey, please follow this link:https://forms.office.com/r/uGAib7RVLM

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Join the BuyZET project as an Observer City


ICLEI is coordinating the project BuyZET, which aims for the procurement of innovative solutions for zero emission urban delivery of goods and services. At this moment, BuyZET is looking to recruit further cities to join the project as an Observer City, which will grant them access to useful resources allow them to participate in the project’s activities.

Observer City Group

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A new book published about Mobility Management and Integrated Transport Policies from PhD Thesis in Brazil


Book´s name
¨Gerenciamento da Mobilidade e Política Integrada dos Transportes
Pesquisa de resultados com sucesso no mundo, contribuindo com uma metodologia proposta para o Brasil e América Latina¨

Printed by Novas Edições Acadêmicas (2016-08-08), Germany

Project Book: ISBN-13: 978-3-8417-2145-7

Language: PT from Brazil

Research vision and contribution for all transport and sustainable mobility community:

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Do you work in the field of sustainable mobility? Please share your experience!


I have created a survey intended for individuals and organizations, who are concerned with Sustainable Mobility and Urban Development. The survey seeks to gain key insights into which factors best support change (modal shift) in cities, by better understanding the priorities, strategies and experiences of all who are concerned with this topic.

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Waterways in the city


Are boats a part of the public or private transport in your city? How does it fare in terms of speed, reliability, pollution and energy efficiency? What do you think about the Ghent solution?

Ghent waterways urban mobility transport logistics

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Door News Editor / Bijgewerkt: 05 Jun 2014
Door News Editor / Bijgewerkt: 05 Jun 2014
Door News Editor / Bijgewerkt: 05 Jun 2014