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Door heshamierek / Bijgewerkt: 13 Feb 2017

Urban Planning: definition, problems and solutions


Urban Planning is a large-scale concept concerned with planning and development at all levels ( architectural, infrastructural, ecological, economical, and even political ).
During this process many problems come up but luckily the same as any other kind of problems, there are solutions.

We will discuss the critical problems that facing urban planning & city planner and also we also expose the most innovative solutions discovered by professional and researchers in this field.

Door Vangelis Genitsaris / Bijgewerkt: 22 Apr 2016

Survey on contemporary market and societal trends and their influence on public transport


Population ageing, information technology, urbanisation, globalisation, sustainability, sharing and social economy, are among the global market and societal trends that move and guide the evolution of businesses and societies worldwide. Public Transport has a mountain of challenges to surpass. Which of trends will have a significant impact on Public Transport? How are they going to evolve? What measures should the cities and the operators take in order to efficiently respond?