1. Tool
    04 October 2017

    Linee guida per l'armonizzazione della pianificazione energetica e della mobilità

    Le linee guida SIMPLA offrono agli enti locali un approccio innovativo e completo per armonizzare la pianificazione di energia (PAES), trasporti e mobilità (PUMS) nel contesto più ampio dello sviluppo urbano...

  2. Tool
    04 October 2017

    Guidelines for the harmonization of energy and mobility planning

    The SIMPLA guidelines offer local authorities an innovative, comprehensive approach to harmonize energy, transport and mobility planning in the frame of wider urban development and land-use planning,...

  3. Tool
    02 October 2017

    The Economic Benefits of Sustainable Urban Mobility Measures

    7978 reads These reports demonstrate the economic value of sustainable urban mobility interventions. Based on the review of a large body of evidence comprising 351 source documents, they present and...

  4. Tool
    20 March 2017

    CIVITAS Quotes

    6068 reads The EU-funded CIVITAS Initiative has enabled the implementation of more than 600 sustainable mobility measures in more than 60 cities acrosse Europe between 2002 and 2016. Each measure has been...

  5. Tool
    04 January 2017

    CIVITAS Policy Note- Clean buses for your city

    5163 reads Buses are the backbone of many European public transport systems and an important part of the municipality public transport fleet in majority of the EU Member States. This policy note provides...

  6. Tool
    31 October 2016

    Sharing the Road Together: Drivers and Cyclists

    4723 reads Important barriers for people to go cycling is their concern around the safety of road cycling and concerns about drivers treating them badly. This advice sheet, produced by the UK's Royal...

  7. Tool
    31 October 2016

    Public Transport Fares Toolkit

    3623 reads The Public Transport Fares Toolkit is part of the public transport toolkit suite, including the Urban Bus Toolkit and the Passenger Transport ITS Toolkit. These toolkits are part of the much more...

  8. Tool
    31 October 2016

    Passenger Transport ITS Toolkit

    3920 reads The Passenger Transport ITS Toolkit is part of a public transport toolkit suite, including the Urban Bus Toolkit and the Public Transport Fares Toolkit. These toolkits are part of the much more...

  9. Tool
    18 October 2016

    NISTO Bike PRINT- tracking and analysing cyclist data

    urban mobility. Bike PRINT is an innovative tool that contributes to better understanding cycling in ...

  10. Tool
    18 October 2016

    NISTO Evaluation Toolkit User Guide

    preferences and monitor policy targets. The evaluation tools provide a ranking of the alternative solutions ... decision-makers when taking a decision for one of the options. The tools therefore do not...