1. News
    22 August 2023

    Making sustainable mobility work for everyone

    Our ability (and inability) to travel plays a crucial role in how we lead our daily lives. In our journey towards employing more sustainable modes of transport, no one should be relegated to the sidelines. ...

  2. News
    21 August 2023

    Alicante City Council launches free bus services for people under 31 years

    In a bid to support families grappling with economic challenges, inflation, and rising costs, Alicante City Council has introduced a series of measures aimed at easing transportation burdens for residents. ...

  3. News
    18 August 2023

    Berlin listed as one of Europe’s top smart cities thanks to MaaS app

    Berlin is named as one of the leading 'smart cities' in Europe by Juniper Research thanks to its efforts in the areas of transport and renewable energy. ...

  4. News
    17 August 2023

    Steps for a successful car-free day

    To support cities and regions in developing and implementing a successful car-free day, EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK published guidance for practitioners. ...

  5. News
    15 August 2023

    The city of Cuneo launches a bike station

    On 4 July, the Italian city of Cuneo inaugurated a new bike station, equipped with 50 safe and secure parking spots for bicycles and also offering free e-bike charging. ...

  6. News
    14 August 2023

    New data shows impact of rental e-scooters on urban mobility

    Recent data released by Transport for London revealed that 6.5% of trips using the city's rental e-scooters replaced a journey that would otherwise have been taken in a car. ...

  7. News
    11 August 2023

    Malta promotes participation in EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK 2023 by offering a grant scheme

    Malta opens two competitions to support local council and NGOs in tackling congestion, air pollution and lack of accessibility, by working for pedestrian and cycling schemes in the line of the 2023 European...

  8. News
    09 August 2023

    Transforming Urban Logistics and Mobility: Exploring the Journeys of the ULaaDS Satellite Cities

    The ULaaDS project has just published a new collaborative insight report in which four ULaaDS satellite cities present their current projects and challenges, experiences and lessons learned, as well as the...

  9. News
    08 August 2023

    Dublin commences testing of its inaugural fleet of battery electric buses

    Dublin is welcoming its first battery electric buses, signalling a major stride towards low emission transport in the city. ...

  10. News
    07 August 2023

    From 2029, electric cars to incur fewer costs than diesel vehicles in Slovakia

    According to a study undertaken for Slovakia, electric cars could save their buyers €2,500 compared to their diesel equivalent five years before the EU's combustion engine ban comes into force. ...