1. News
    29 March 2011

    European Parliament postpones air pollution standards for trains and diggers

    355 reads Makers of heavy-duty construction equipment, diesel locomotives and other non-road mobile machinery should be granted an extra three years to comply with pollution standards agreed in 2004,...

  2. News
    24 March 2011

    Eurobarometer: Future of transport

    953 reads The vast majority of Europeans is willing to compromise on the price and the features of their car in order to reduce harmful emissions, a new Eurobarometer survey has revealed. The survey,...

  3. News
    11 April 2011

    3 years of European Road Safety Charter Tour

    416 reads After three years of bringing together signatories, organising events and calling for shared responsibility, the time has come for the European road safety Charter to review its yearly...

  4. News
    08 April 2011

    Five European cities and regions honoured with the OSMOSE Awards for their transport innovations

    1511 reads Madrid (ES), Essex (UK), Barcelona (ES), Aalborg (DK) and San Sebastian (ES) are the winners of this year’s OSMOSE Awards for local transport innovations. The winners were presented at the final...

  5. News
    05 April 2011

    Public not equipped to manage personal carbon emissions

    1077 reads Although the public are largely aware of climate change, their understanding of how they produce and manage carbon is generally not sufficient to lead to changes in behaviour and lifestyle,...

  6. News
    21 April 2011

    Parliament calls for end to ban on lorry pollution charges

    287 reads The European Parliament's Transport committee reached an agreement (12/04/11) on revised road charging rules for lorries (the Eurovignette directive) that would open the door for Member...

  7. News
    18 April 2011

    Public consultation on multimodal journey planner

    332 reads DG Move launched a public consultation on the topic of a European multimodal journey planner. It’s open for the public from the 1st of April until the 27th of May and can only be completed online....

  8. News
    09 May 2011

    Unlimited parking car club launched in Hamburg (Germany)

    674 reads A new concept in car clubs has been launched in the major German city of Hamburg after proving itself a success in the somewhat smaller city of Ulm in southern Germany and the state capital of...

  9. News
    19 May 2011

    Driving cars by the power of brain waves (Germany)

    2553 reads Researchers in Berlin drive cars without moving their feet or hands. After steering autonomous vehicles via iPhone, iPad and eye directing, they now apply brain waves to steer cars. The research...

  10. News
    01 June 2011

    Public says thank you for mobility improvement in Budapest (Hungary)

    2515 reads Cycling activists have organised a public thank you in Budapest. The works are not yet officially inaugurated but the public can enter the reconfigured ‘Small Ring’ of Budapest, featuring state...