1. News
    27 June 2022

    Findings published on urban accessibility for those with disabilities

    Findings published by the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) and World Enabled (The Victor Pineda Foundation) explore accessible transit-oriented development and sustainable urban...

  2. News
    24 June 2022

    Sofia is launching an extensive sidewalk renewal programme

    Over the next four years, more than 690,000 square metres of sidewalks will be renovated in an effort to improve walking conditions throughout Bulgaria’s capital. ...

  3. News
    11 April 2022

    UK announces £2.5 million to help disabled people use public transport

    An investment of £2.5 million in the UK aims to support disabled people to stay mobile by promoting the use of special vehicles, community transport and local services. ...

  4. Event
    23 June 2022

    Transport accessibility for persons with disabilities- Public hearing

    271 reads Language English The EESC   (European Economic and Social Committee) is organising a public hearing on " Transport Accessibility for persons with disabilities " on 23 June 2022. The aim...

  5. News
    01 February 2022

    Bike-sharing system in Nafplio includes bikes for those with reduced mobility

    The Greek city of Nafplio is planning to introduce a public electric bicycle sharing scheme that includes bicycles designed for those with reduced mobility. ...

  6. Event
    18 May 2022

    ITF Summit 2022

    738 reads Language English ITF Summit: 18-20 May 2022, Leipzig, Germany The ITF 2022 Summit: Transport for Inclusive Societies will take place between  18- 20 May 2022 and will be held in  Leipzig, Germany....

  7. News
    11 January 2022

    Brussels' citizens to report accessibility problems for pedestrians

    The Brussels-Capital region updates its Fix My Street tool to ease residents reporting specific problems for pedestrians, specifically for those with reduced mobility. ...

  8. Case study
    18 January 2021

    Achieving balance: Urban mobility measures which support sustainability and accessibility

    This case study looks at the overlap and synergies with accessibility and sustainability measures in urban transport planning, using Warsaw as an example of a city that has demonstrated improvements in both....

  9. News
    08 December 2021

    A gender and diversity sensitive transport system in the notion of Gender Smart Mobility

    TInnGO has set up a gender and diversity sensitive transport system in the notion of Gender Smart Mobility. Gender Smart Mobility contains five key dimensions, which are set up to respond to gender and...

  10. News
    19 October 2021

    Taxi vouchers made available for those people most in need in Italy

    The ministry of transport in Italy is providing funds for people with disabilities, or for those who have suffered financial loss as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, to support their mobility. The funds...