1. Tool
    01 January 2004

    Good practice in stakeholder engagement

    handbook has three parts. Volume 1 presents relevant concepts and tools for use in these two activities. ...

  2. Tool
    01 January 2005

    Addressing challenges in sustainable urban mobility planning

    1463 reads Although the concept of sustainable urban mobility planning is now mainstream in European cities, a number of common challenges remain. An awareness of these challenges is required so that they...

  3. Tool
    01 January 2010

    Overview of Sustainable Urban Transport Plans

    1870 reads This note was requested by the European Parliament's Committee on Transport and Tourism for EU Members to provide an overview of the concept of Sustainable Urban Transport Plans (SUTPs) by...

  4. Tool
    02 February 2011

    KonSULT database of urban mobility measures

    4681 reads KonSULT aims to assist policy makers, professionals and interest groups to understand the challenges of achieving sustainability in urban transport, and to identify appropriate policy measures...

  5. Tool
    02 February 2011

    Sustainable transport indicators

    others connected with themes like economic or health impacts are less well understood. This tool aims to ... download the tool. For more information, visit distillate.ac.uk Photo by VCUCNS / CC BY-NC March...

  6. Tool
    14 March 2011

    Sustainable urban mobility planning guidelines

    outline the essential steps involved in developing such plans. They include good practice examples, tools ...

  7. Tool
    06 April 2011

    Planning and implementing innovative measures

    1486 reads The NICHES+ project developed twelve practitioner manuals innovative measures for making urban transport more efficient and sustainable. The manuals aim to make these measures mainstream urban...

  8. Tool
    16 May 2011

    Sustainable mobility policy notes

    1314 reads The NICHES+ project has produced concise policy notes for practitioners on a wide variety of sustainable mobility topics, focusing chiefly on clean and energy-efficient vehicles, mobility...

  9. Tool
    02 September 2011

    Investing in space for pedestrians

    1950 reads Living Streets, a campaigning organisation that promotes walking, has produced a report reviewing the evidence for the benefits of investing in walkable public spaces. It presents successful case...

  10. Tool
    08 September 2011

    Design for better streets

    1341 reads During much of the 20th century, urban planning in Europe's cities and towns tended to prioritise space for cars over pedestrians, cyclists or public transport users. Inclusive street design...