Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) Partnership



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Door Carla Giaume / Bijgewerkt: 03 May 2023

Driving Urban Transitions to a sustainable future

The Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) Partnership builds upon and steps up the ambition and efforts of JPI Urban Europe. With its more than 60 partners from 28 countries, it does not only facilitate the cooperation across countries but creates a platform for connecting and aligning European and national strategies and activities. It aims for significant contribution to the EU Mission on Climate Neutral Cities, the European Green Deal, and the Urban Agenda for the EU by developing and implementing a transformative research and innovation (R&I) programme. Comprehensive programme management measures are enhancing the impact of DUT activities and projects and build capacities to address the urban related anthropogenic crises and challenges

The main tool to achieve this goal is to fund R&I projects in seven annual transnational calls over the years 2022-2028 in three thematic pathways: 15-minute City, Circular Urban Economies and Positive Energy Districts. Through research and innovation and capacity building, we enable local authorities and municipalities, service and infrastructure providers, and citizens to translate global strategies into local action. We develop the skills and tools to make urban change happen and boost the urgently needed urban transformations towards a sustainable future with enhanced quality of life in cities.

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Current member
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januari, 2022 tot december, 2032
Vienna, Austria
Driving Urban Transitions (DUT) - EU Co-Funded Partnership
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