New call for tender – ‘User-friendly Information Tool on Urban and Regional Vehicle Access Regulation Schemes’



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Door Hannah Figg / Bijgewerkt: 12 Dec 2019

In light of the rapid development of UVARs in the EU, an information tool is considered by the European Parliament to be a useful instrument for people travelling within the EU.

Consequently, DG MOVE has announced a new preparatory action with the general objective to foster the real-time information of road users about urban and regional access schemes.

The specific objective of this tender is to:

  • Carry out a pilot project focusing on enabling road users, in particular motorists (i.e. both professional and non-professional drivers) to be fully informed about urban and regional access schemes.

This also includes:

  • Working on the enablers required for the system to work, i.e. standardisation and data provision for the integration of the information in tools such as apps or navigation devices.
  • Facilitation of the generation of the information necessary to comply with the single digital gateway regulation.

The geographical scope of this pilot shall include at least 4 member states covering around 80% of existing UV.

For more information, including the specific tender specifications, visit here.

Urban Vehicle Access Regulations
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