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Door Tom Nokes / Bijgewerkt: 12 Nov 2018
European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF)
Job profile: 
The ECF is looking for skilled web developers to manage the main ECF website





Objective of this call for tenders:

  • Separate a CIVI database (25000-30000 contacts) from Drupal website
  • Upgrade and clean the database to make it GDPR compliant
  • Host and maintain a Drupal Website
  • Training on CIVI for the ECF staff to optimize the tool
  • Data Management maintenance fee

Tasks to be carried out:

  1. Tech Implementation test environment
  2. Tech Import the database backup into test environment
  3. Tech Scan to analyze data quality
  4. Cons Skype consultancy about roles and rights
  5. Cons Demo in Brussels
  6. CiviCRM hosting and maintenance including updates on the core, security updates
  7. Tech Migration CiviCRM database
  8. Drupal hosting and maintenance
  9. Website, including updates on the Core, security updates
  10. Tech Migration current Drupal website
  11. Professional Training on CRM for employees to optimize the tool
  12. CRM and CMS should be hosted CO2-neutral and in compliance with EU rules on privacy and personal data.
Full time
Employer type: 
Non-profit making
Deadline for applications: 
12 nov 2018