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European Commision
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Who can be an expert? You have a chance of being selected as an expert if you: * have high-level of expertise in the relevant fields of research and innovation (see call for details on types of expertise). * can be available for occasional, short-term assignments

What do expert assignments involve?

Experts, as peer reviewers, assist in the:

·         evaluation of proposals

·         monitoring of actions

In addition, experts assist in the :

·         preparation, implementation or evaluation of programmes and design of policies. This includes the Horizon 2020 Advisory Groups.

Assignments mainly concern research and innovation, falling within the Horizon 2020 programme designed to address the challenges Europe is facing through funding excellent science, technology and innovation.

Take a look at the most recently funded projects.

Business innovation coaches support SMEs funded via the SME instrument. An expression of interest for experts willing to become Business Innovation Coach for the SME instrument is available on the EASME website. Candidate coaches will also be asked to provide more detailed information on their competence and experience here.

In order to access the expert registration form, you are first asked to login with a valid Participant Portal (ECAS) account. If you do not have it yet, it easy to create your Portal (ECAS) account.

Registered experts

·         Registered experts can complete or update their profile at any time by logging-in to their Portal account (ECAS) and accessing My Expert Area.

·         Your profile is only available to the Commission for consideration once it is complete and valid.

·         Should you get a contract as independent expert, please check that the Bank Account on which you want to be paid is still valid before you introduce a request for payment.


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31 dec 2018