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Door Eltis Team / Bijgewerkt: 04 May 2015
European Cyclists’ Federation

What does ECF want from its intranet?

ECF has networks (groups of decentralized actors) and each of them needs to have an individual internal/secure area which will allow them to interact, access resources and be reminded of events: In particular, ECF has the following networks:

  • Members: 85 member organisations; most of them with more than one contact person and expertise in different areas;
  • Scientists for Cycling: 220 scientists (mostly individuals) who work on fields related to cycling;
  • Cities for Cyclists: 40 cities that work on promoting cycling policies – normally one contact per city is involved;
  • ECF Board: 10 individual board members;
  • Leadership programme: A network of small- and medium-sized ECF member organisations working closely with experts to improve their capacity and resources;
  • Scientists for Cycling Advisory Board: A network of 10 individuals;
  • World Cycling Alliance Board: A network of approximately 10 individuals;
  • Cycling Industry Club: A network of 30 sponsors of ECF (one or two contacts per company);
  • Cycling Industry Club Advisory Board: A network of 6-7 individuals from the cycling industry.

Groups might multiply or expand – and the intranet needs to be able to adjust. Almost all networks have their own logo and/or visual elements, so the graphic design work can be supported.

Tool requirements

ECF has already decided to work with Drupal Commons and has set-up a basic account which needs to be upgraded in terms of user-friendliness and functionality. So the right candidate must be an expert on Drupal Commons and understand the needs of an umbrella federation.

Each group needs to have:

  • A discussion area: ECF network managers AND network members need to be able to start discussions as well as search in previous discussions (through keywords/search engine). They should be also able to upload documents, photos, files etc. Working with Google Docs or Dropbox would be an added value (but not essential);
  • A network calendar for events, conferences etc;
  • A network library of files (documents mostly) that one will be able to search though (per title). This will be the network's exclusive resource area;
  • A method to include surveys, forms to fill in (maybe Google Forms) to facilitate data collection from our members;
  • User-friendliness: The platform needs to be subject to some graphic design functionality:
  • The service provider will have to customize the tool based on ECF needs – with the support of the ECF team working on the topic.

Current status & requirements

  • Recently, ECF set up a CiviCRM contact database. The new intranet should be able to speak with the database and integrate contacts.
  • Budget: Approx. €4 500

Please submit a proposal including a workplan and timeframe to complete the project before June 2015.

Full time
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Non-profit making
Budget: Approx. €4,500
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Deadline for applications: 
24 apr 2015
Temporary contract dates: 
01 jun 2015