Experts to support Cohesion Policy, regional and urban development



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Door Pavlina Dravecka / Bijgewerkt: 19 Mar 2015
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Call for Expressions of Interest to set up a list of external experts to support Cohesion Policy, regional and urban development

Tasks to be performed by the experts

  • Drafting of terms of reference for call for proposals and tender invitations
  • Evaluation of proposals for the award of grants;
  • Evaluation of tenders for procurement;
  • Evaluation of projects submitted for RegioStars awards;
  • Participation in conferences, workshops, seminars or meetings;
  • Drafting of discussion papers and guidance documents in the thematic fields listed below;
  • Technical  assistance  for  the  follow-up  and  final  evaluation  of  pilot  projects  and  preparatory actions;
  • Cost benefit analysis of projects
  • Technical advice and strategic guidance (to Commission services but also to Member States on Commission request) with regard to any of the following areas:
    • Strategic assessments of national or regional policies, strategies and investment plans related to the programming documents, fulfilment of Action plans on ex-ante conditionalities for the 2014-2020 programming period;
    • Advice to the Commission and/or to Managing Authorities and other national/regional authorities on the design of implementation measures(including simplification) and set up of indicators;
    • Establishment of milestones and targets in the 2014-2020 performance framework;
    • Support  the  dissemination  of  information  by  preparing  specific  publication  and meetings, workshops and conferences;
    • Assessments  or  peer  review  of  actions  planned  for /implemented  with Structural Funds funding;
    • Advice on the closure of programmes with Structural Funds funding;
    • Assessment  of  specific  themes,  national  legal  frameworks (including State  aids  & financial instruments) and operating modalities;
    • Establishment and development of capacity building measures related to all ESI Funds stakeholders;
    • Assessment of payments circuits, management and control systems;
    • Coordination with national audit authorities and Commission Services, examination of accounts, audit related desk reviews, on the spot audit missions and associated follow-up actions, statistical and non-statistical sampling;
    • Assessment  of  technical  specifications  and  unit  costs  for  works,  services  or  supplies co-financed by the Structural Funds;
    • Socio-economic  analyses  in  thematic  fields  and/or  in  EU  countries  or  (group  of) regions;

See the document below to reach the list of thematic fields

Selection criteria relating to technical and professional capacity

- Criterion: Relevant professional experience in the field(s) selected

- Threshold: 7years or more

- Supporting evidence: copy of  contracts, any  other  documents  confirming  the  length  and  the level of the professional experience; Annex VII to the application file (List of projects, studies and publications) will provide clear indication of the subject / thematic work and of the start/end dates


- Criterion: Ability to draft  and  communicate  in  English and  at  least one other EU official language

- Threshold: C2 level for one of the European Commission official working languages (English, French, German), at least B1 level for a further working language or other EU official language indicated in the application form

- Supporting evidence: copy of certificates, studies, reports, publications...

Part time
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fixed price of 750 euros/day
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Deadline for applications: 
17 mrt 2018