European Urban Transport Roadmaps 2030



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Cities in Europe are vital centres of economic activity, innovation and employment. However, they face increasing challenges to their mobility systems such as congestion, air quality, ambient noise, CO2 emissions, accidents and urban sprawl. To tackle these problems cities need to develop and implement coherent and challenging Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPS).

Central to the development of effective sustainable transport strategies is the availability of tools and guidance documents, helping policy-makers to understand the range of possible actions and steps to successful implementation.  The European Urban Transport Roadmaps study, supported by DG Move, provides a web based policy support tool to help cities across Europe explore policy options for Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans.

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The key output of the project is an online policy support tool that is aimed at the large number of small and medium sized cities in Europe who may not have the resource for major policy assessment and modelling work.  Using this tool cities can:

  • explore and identify appropriate sustainable transport policy measures;
  • quantify the transport, environmental and economic impacts of these measures;
  • consider an implementation pathway (roadmap) for the policy scenario. 

The tool can be accessed from the project website.

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januari, 2014 tot december, 2017
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European Urban Transport Roadmaps 2030
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