SUMP Guidelines Translations


By Fiona Twisse / Updated: 09 Jun 2022

Publication of the Guidelines for developing and implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Planinfo-icon (2nd edition) has piqued interest across the world. The fundamental principles apply not just in the European context - but can be applied to cities globally, taking into account local context, governanceinfo-icon, and transport conditions. 

The accordion menu below gives access to these translated documents; more will be added as they become available and new translations will be announced when published. 

More info: 

Translation to Croatian

SUMP Guidelines - Croatian (added 01/03/2021)

Translation to Czech

SUMP Guidelines - Czech (added 15/11/2021)

Translation to Danish

SUMP Guidelines - Danish (added 08/12/2021)

Translation to Dutch

SUMP Guidelines - Dutch (added 29/11/2021)

Translation to Estonian

SUMP Guidelines - Estonian (added 14/12/2021)

Translation to Finnish

SUMP Guidelines - Finnish (added 07/02/2022)

Translation to French

SUMP Guidelines - French (added 29/11/2021)

Translation to German

SUMP Guidelines - German (added 28/04/2021)

Translation to Greek

SUMP Guidelines - Greek (added 08/07/2021)

Translation to Hungarian

SUMP Guidelines - Hungarian (added 06/01/2020)

Translation to Italian

SUMP Guidelines - Italian (added 22/07/2021)

Translation to Japanese

SUMP Guidelines - Japanese (added 09/06/2022)

Translation to Latvian

SUMP Guidelines - Latvian (added 17/11/2021)

Translation to Lithuanian

SUMP Guidelines - Lithuanian (added 06/12/2021)

Translation to Mandarin Chinese

SUMP Guidelines - Mandarin (added 28/05/2020)

Translation to Romanian

SUMP Guidelines - Romanian (added 01/02/2021)

Translation to Slovak

SUMP Guidelines - Slovak (added 10/11/2021)

Translation to Spanish

SUMP Guidelines - Spanish (added 23/09/2021)

Translation to Turkish

SUMP Guidelines - Turkish (added 28/01/2021)