SUMP Award

By Roberto Tomasi / Updated: 20 Apr 2021

The European Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) Award

The European Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning (SUMP) Award recognises local authorities that have developed a Mobility Plan that satisfies the diverse transport needs of people and businesses, whilst improving quality of life.

The award scheme was launched in 2012. The first three editions of the SUMP Award have been organised within the European Commission's Sustainable Urban Mobility Campaign (known as "Do the right mix"). Since its 4th edition, the award is part of the European Mobility Week (EMW).

The SUMP Award is presented during a joint ceremony with the EMW Award in March/April each year.

Thematic focus of the SUMP Award

The award highlights a different aspect of mobility planning in each edition:

  • The 1st edition of the award opened in 2012 and recognised stakeholder and citizen participation in the SUMP process
  • The 2nd SUMP Award edition looked at successful territorial and policy integration
  • The 3rd SUMP Award recognised outstanding work regarding monitoring and evaluation of the SUMP
  • The 4th SUMP Award focused on providing multimodality and intermodality in sustainable urban mobility planning.
  • The 5th SUMP Award acknowledged the integration of urban freight in transport planning. 
  • The 6th SUMP Award focused on shared mobility in sustainable urban mobility planning.
  • The 7th SUMP Award will focused on multimodality, which has been declared theme of the year by the European Commission - DG MOVE.
  • The 8th SUMP Award recognised outstanding work on encouraging walking & cycling as the preferred modes of mobility in urban areas.
  • The 9th SUMP Award focused on zero-emission mobility for all, promoting emission-reduction strategies and the promotion of accessible and inclusive transport 

SUMP Award winners

Previous Award winners and finalists are:

1st SUMP Award:

2nd SUMP Award:

3rd SUMP Award:

4th SUMP Award:

5th SUMP Award:

  • Winner: Brussels (BE) (video)
  • Finalists: Brussels (BE), Budapest (HU), Stockholm (SE)

6th SUMP Award:

  • Winner: Turda (RO) (video)
  • Finalists: Greater Manchester (UK), Milan (IT), Turda (RO)

7th SUMP Award:

  • Winner: Greater Manchester (UK) (video)
  • Finalists: Basel (CH), Dresden (DE), Greater Manchester (UK) (video)

8th SUMP Award:

  • Winner: Brussels (BE)
  • Finalists: Brussels (BE) (video), Kaunas (LT) (video), Wroclaw (PL) (video)

9th SUMP Award: 

  • Winner: Greater Grenoble Area Mobility Authority (SMMAG) for Grenoble-Alpes SUMP (FR) (video)
  • Finalists: Bilbao (BE) (video), Belgrade (SRB) (video)
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