PHASE 4: Implementation and monitoring


By Tom Wood / Updated: 28 Nov 2019


The fourth phase focuses on implementing the measures and related actions defined in the SUMP, accompanied by systematic monitoringinfo-icon, evaluationinfo-icon and communication. Here the actions are put into practice by answering the following questions:


How can we manage it well?

The responsible departments and organisations plan the technical details of their actions, conduct the implementation and procure goods and services if needed. As this often involves a large amount of parties, the overall coordination of the implementation process requires particular attention.


How are we doing?

Systematic monitoring will make clear whether things are going according to plan, allowing corrective action to be taken if needed. Innovative mobilityinfo-icon schemes can be a great disruption (as well as a great benefit) for daily travellers. Understanding public opinion, based on an active two-way dialogue, is crucial for a successful implementation process.


What have we learned?

The last step of the SUMP cycle is about reviewing successes and failures, communicating these results with stakeholders and the public, and considering new challenges and solutions.

The milestone ‘Measureinfo-icon implementation evaluated’ concludes the SUMP cycle - at the same time providing lessons for the next SUMP process.