PHASE 3: Measure planning


By Tom Wood / Updated: 28 Nov 2019


With the third phase, the planning process moves from the strategic to the operational level. This phase focuses on measures to achieve the agreed objectives and targets. Here the Sustainable Urban Mobility Planinfo-icon is finalised and its implementation prepared by answering the following questions:


What will we do concretely?

Create a long list of measures and assess their effectiveness and feasibility to select those that best contribute to meeting your objectives and targets. Bundle measures into integrated packages, discuss them with citizens and stakeholders and assess them in detail to validate your selection. Plan monitoringinfo-icon and evaluationinfo-icon for each measureinfo-icon.


What will it take and who will do what?

Break measure packages down into actionable tasks (or ‘actions’) and describe them in detail, including their estimated costs, interdependencies, and risks. Identify internal and external financing instruments and funding sources for all actions. On that basis, agree clear responsibilities, implementation priorities and timelines for each action.

At this stage it is essential to recruit political and public support for the actions, as for example building projects can be controversial even if their related objectives and measures are supported by a majority.


Are we ready to go?

Many authors may have contributed to the various parts of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. Now it is time to finalise the document and check its quality. Based on your organisation’s conventions, a detailed financial scheme can be included in the plan itself or is part of a separate process. In either case, you should agree on a budget for each prioritised action and long-term arrangements for the distribution of costs and revenues among all involved organisations before SUMP adoption.

The most important milestone of the planning process concludes the measure planning phase: The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan is adopted by the decision-makers of the competent political body.

Figure 25: Overview of the main steps (measure assessmentinfo-icon, measure packaging, action planning) of Phase 3