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  1. Event
    14 June 2022

    VELO-CITY 2022

    8 reads Language English VELO-CITY 2022 VELO-CITY 2022 is the annual World Cycling summit serving as a global platform for knowledge exchange and policy transfer.  Since the first VELO-CITY conference in...

  2. Event
    03 June 2022

    UN World Bicycle Day 2022

    10 reads Language English UN World Bicycle Day 2022 World Bicycle Day will take place on 3 June 2022. World Bicycle Day draws attention to the benefits of using the bicycle — a simple, affordable, clean and...

  3. Event
    17 February 2022

    Liveable Neighbourhoods Conference 2022

    8 leituras Idioma Inglês Liveable Neighbourhoods Conference 2022 Hosted by the London Borough of Croydon, the 2nd annual summit Liveable neighbourhoods 2022  on 17 February 2022  will showcase the best...

  4. Event
    10 February 2022

    FUB Congress 2022

    8 reads Language English FUB Congress 2022 The FUB Congress, in partnership with Collectif Cycliste 37, invites all 'stakeholder-cyclists' to its annual congress in Tours from  10 February 2022-...

  5. News
    28 January 2022

    Milan expands cycle network by 750 km

    Milan invests 225 million EUR into a new main cycling network with 4 concentric and 16 centre-to-outskirts routes. ...

  6. News
    27 January 2022

    Athens improves conditions for walking with smart parking sensors and sidewalk restoration project

    In January 2022, the municipality of Athens has seen the start of two large actions to make the sidewalks in Athens more friendly and safe for pedestrians. ...

  7. News
    17 January 2022

    Car manufacturers to advertise walking and cycling in France

    New decree means car advertisers in France will be mandated to include messaging encouraging would-be drivers to choose less polluting transport options. ...

  8. News
    11 January 2022

    Brussels' citizens to report accessibility problems for pedestrians

    The Brussels-Capital region updates its Fix My Street tool to ease residents reporting specific problems for pedestrians, specifically for those with reduced mobility. ...

  9. News
    06 December 2021

    New Committee in Berlin aims to improve the city's walking experience

    According to city officials, people living in Berlin move mainly on foot, as they prefer walking over any other means of transport. The city administration has decided to make walking a priority and, in...

  10. News
    22 November 2021

    Copenhagen’s cycle superhighways act as an inspiration to other regions

    In Denmark’s Capital Region, 30 municipalities have joined forces to create ‘cycle superhighways' that provide infrastructure to support long-distance commuting by bicycle. ...