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  1. News
    17 December 2021

    Luxembourg City wins the 2022 Access City Award

    The annual European Access City Award for 2022 has been awarded to the capital of Luxembourg, Luxembourg City, for its extensive actions and plans to improve accessibility for all. ...

  2. News
    07 December 2021

    European cities dominate the top 10 in a global Urban Mobility Readiness Index

    A new worldwide Urban Mobility Readiness Index has revealed that European cities are amongst the most prepared in the world to deal with the urban mobility challenges that lie ahead. ...

  3. News
    03 June 2021

    Helsinki's Bikenomics analysis shows that cycling investment pays off

    As part of its work in CIVITAS Handshake, the City of Helsinki conducted a Bikenomics analysis of a major cycling project in the city. The results show that the investment was worth it. ...

  4. News
    23 April 2021

    Benchmarking of Transport Solutions in Baltic Sea Cities- report out now!

    The HUPMOBILE project has published its report "Benchmarking of Transport Solutions in Baltic Sea Cities- Selection of best practices in sustainable mobility solutions connected to ports" ...

  5. News
    24 March 2021

    Estonia’s free county public transport did not fulfill goals

    34 reads The National Audit Office of Estonia have been investigating the free public transport introduced in Tallinn, including the free bus and tram travel for local registered people. Analysis included...

  6. News
    08 October 2020

    New SUMP Topic guide: Addressing Gender Equity and Vulnerable Groups in SUMPs

    288 reads The European Commission’s latest topic guide on 'Addressing Gender Equity and Vulnerable Groups in SUMPs' is now available to download.  As cities grow, so does the need for gender...

  7. Event
    04 December 2020

    Energy efficiency for public transport grids and depots

    Language English 14 reads A transnational webinar by InterregCE EfficenCE This online workshop will explore the innovations in energy-efficiency and local integration of renewables for public transport...

  8. News
    29 September 2020

    CIVITAS Awards recognise European sustainable mobility success stories

    45 reads Sustainable mobility trailblazers took centre stage at the 2020 CIVITAS Awards. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) and Funchal (Portugal) took home two leading European prizes for clean and green...

  9. News
    28 August 2020

    Deadline to apply for the CIVITAS Resilience and Legacy Awards extended to 8 September!

    404 afişări The year 2020 will be remembered for many reasons; not least, it has been a year of radical change in the area of mobility. The COVID-19 pandemic has completely transformed the way people live...

  10. Video
    29 September 2020

    CIVITAS Legacy Award Nominees- 2020

    The “CIVITAS Legacy” awards reward a city that has translated its commitment to the CIVITAS network and sustainable mobility into high-impact, innovative measures and inspire other cities for action.  The...