Meklēšanas rezultāts

Meklēšanas rezultāts

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    08 June 2015


    11550 reads Legislative and / or regulatory basis for urban transport planning – Ministry of transport Urban mobility planning guidance: BUMP training materials and SUMP Guidelines in Bulgarian Main...

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    08 June 2015


    11907 reads Ministero delle Infrastrutture e dei Trasporti Italian Highway Code (1992) Ministry of Public Works (1995), National guidelines for PUTs Law 340/2000 Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport ...

  3. Member state
    08 June 2015


    12323 reads Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport and Infrastructure National transport development strategy – Transport Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia 2014 – 2030. Real name:  Marko...

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    08 June 2015


    11448 reads Danish Transport Authority SUMPs are not identified as a specific policy instrument in Danish guidance documents. Some relevant documents/actions are: National transport policy National cycling...

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    08 June 2015


    12462 reads Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications Key national strategy documents National Spatial Development Plan [1] National Transport Development Plan 2014-2020 [2] National Energy Strategy...

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    08 June 2015


    11794 reads National Transport Authority Department of Transport Tourism and Sport National Transport Authority Greater Dublin Area Transport Plan Limerick Smarter Travel Waterford Smarter Travel Mayo...

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    08 June 2015


    11258 reads Ministry of Transport of the Republic of Latvia Riga and Pieriga Mobility Plan Riga Development Plan, general information Rīgas teritorijas plānojums  2006 – 2018 gadam (Spatial Planning of Riga...

  8. Member state
    08 June 2015


    11692 reads Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Lithuania The Guidelines on the Preparation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in Lithuania Real name:  Jonas Damidavicius Jonas...

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    08 June 2015


    11756 reads Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes, I.P Urban mobility planning guidance  Guide for the development of Mobility Plans for Companies and Poles (large- and medium-sized trips generators and...

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    08 June 2015


    5845 reads BEPOMM Flanders:  Het gemeentelijk mobiliteitsplan  (The Local Mobility Plan 2010). Brussels Capital Region:  Gemeentelijke mobiliteitsplannen       Competences in the field of transport in...