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By Simone Bosetti / Atnaujinta: 23 Mar 2022

The project Dynaxibility4CE focuses on the priority of low-carbon mobility and air quality. It aims to increase the ability of public transport authorities to deal with new mobility trends that require much more dynamic and flexible planning in complex environments. New forms of mobility (MaaS), ownership structures (Sharing) & technologies (connected & automated driving) blur classic boundaries between mobility offers and requires different planning procedures to ensure sustainable mobility, as the effective integration of these new mobility trends and solutions into transport systems and policy design relies strongly on the capability to analyse, monitor and assess mobility solutions' potential environmental and socio-economic impact.

Therefore, the project develops strategies and tools for public transport authorities that strengthen the planning capacities and by this, the role of public transport as a key actor for creating low-carbon & low-pollution mobility systems in CE’s functional urban areas (FUAs). The project brings together 13 partners from 7 countries (DE, AT, HU, PL, HR, IT & BE) incl. public (transport) authorities, NGOs, research & consultancy organisations that "capitalise" on 9 EU projects (4 CE Interreg & 5 Horizon 2020 projects). The project follows a combined downstreaming & upstreaming approach and ensures that appropriate strategies and tools developed in H2020 sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP) projects are catered for CE’s planning context and thus, avoids unnecessarily reinventing the innovation & policy-improvement wheel.

The 7 involved FUAs (Leipzig, Stuttgart, Graz, Budapest, Parma, Koprivnica and Krakow) are fore-runners in adopting new mobility trends in their local/regional mobility systems and testing new innovative mobility solutions. Their lessons learned will be upstreamed the other way around to the SUMP 2.0 process. This ensures a transnational lead & learn mechanism which plays a central role in the implementation of Dynaxibility4CE and its communication strategy.


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